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Blogging Tips for Beginners to start blogging comfortably

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Starting your own blog could be the first step to establish your name in the online marketing world.

Blogging is an online marketing tool that allows you to put out your products and services for display. So that potential and current customers can get to know more about you and your business.

But starting your blog is not something that you should take lightly.

We know that first impressions last, and so does the impression your blog leaves.

In this article we will talk about the best and most important blogging tips that you need as a beginner to start blogging comfortably:

how to start blogging

Get ideas from your audience:

The best way to ensure that your blog is engaging and interesting is to get ideas from the audience.

You can look at the comments that your audience leaves on your social media page like Facebook or Twitter.

Go through their questions, inquiries and comments.

You will be able to identify the most important topics for your audience and the stuff that will keep them engaged.

Understand your audience:

You should be able to understand your audience and their real needs.

This way you will be able to write topics that they can resonate with.

Your blog will become popular and trending if your audience finds value in your posts.

You can always try to test your blog post ideas on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Just post a quote or a status and see how well the audience will interact with it.

This can give you an idea of whether the topic is meaningful to your audience or not.

Be authentic:

When it comes to expressing opinion and reviewing products or services, don’t be scared to speak up your mind.

Your audience should feel that you are authentic and genuine.

Deal with it as if you are writing for yourself.

Basically when blogging is something that you do because you love it and it expresses how you are, it becomes an interesting task.

People who write about themselves will publish their work more often.

This is because the writing will come naturally and it will not feel fake or made up.

On the other hand, people who think of blogging as a task that they have to get it over with, usually lack the enthusiasm.

Soon blogging becomes another boring chore.

Focus on your readers:

Make sure that you pay attention to your current and devoted readers as much as you do to your new potential ones.

Most bloggers will just focus on finding new readers that they will forget that their old faithful readers are the ones who made their blog a success.

Keep your old readers acknowledged so that you can guarantee that they will always be there for you.

Focus on creating an amazing call-to-action:

Once your blog is out there, you can keep on blogging for a long time without gaining any new followers on your social media or without them sharing your content.

Always create a creative call to action at the end of the post to encourage your readers to repost your content or to share it on different platforms of social media.

Also, ask them to follow you on Twitter or Facebook so that they can help your business grow.

Give stuff away:

Give away contests and promotion codes are great to keep people hooked on your blog. You can always give free stuff away to your email subscribers, which will in turn increase the number of the readers.

Be consistent:

If you want your blog to be popular then you must be available.

Post new content at least two or three times a week.

Offer something new every time.

Blogs that publish new content once a month, become less interesting.

Make sure that the voice of the blog posts is the same even if you are using multiple writers to write your posts.

Share your knowledge:

Many bloggers keep their knowledge and don’t share it.

This creates a bad image.

You want to offer your readers free knowledge, since generally speaking everything we know is now available if someone has high speed internet and knows how to use Google search.

Instead, use this opportunity to market some of your exclusive material that has to be bought while offering some juicy free downloadable PDFs.

Understanding how to start and how to keep your blog successful will create traffic to your website.

Engage your readers and ask them for their feedback.

Your readers will love to know that you are listening and soon enough your blog will be very successful.

A comforting tip for dummies: “Practice makes perfect”

blogging for dummiesThe old expression “Practice makes perfect” is also really the case whenever you start blogging or start to compose a blog.

So, a thing you have to be aware of whenever you first start out blogging, is that, odds are, your first several blogposts will (probably) not be that wonderful.

They actually might suck !


Luckily, the more blogposts you write, the better you’ll become at blogging !

A good blogging tip for novices is that ‘practice by writing’ will not only improve the quality of your writing, but it can also make your website rank better in the search results: WhyBecause the more content you write, the more keywords you may rank for.

When you then also gain valuable backlinks to your blogposts, your posts can start to rank even higher. Cool huh!

Another web blogging tip for beginners, is to blog about something that you actually like, love or know a lot about => Because, in most cases, when you are genuinly interested in your blogging subject, your blog will automatically become better and more interesting.

blogging for beginners

You can always copy from other blogs, but off course, don’t exaggerate !

If you’re really stuck, you can ‘copy texts’ from other bloggers in your niche. However, exaggerating on this, will probably result in lower rankings for own your blogposts, due to duplicate content issues you then create (Google really hates duplicate content).

Also, it’s just NOT COOL to copy large pieces of texts from other people !

However, if you just copy small bits and pieces from other texts, and you mingle them with your own crafted texts, than Google won’t mind and it’s pretty much OK. So, just don’t exaggerate. If 70% of your content is unique, than you can just copy the other 30% without being punished by Google. And without being a lazy thief.

Also, try to write in your very own individual style. Readers are more likely to follow blogs if they like the individual writing style, and topics off course.

Check out this blogpost I wrote for SpareSpace, you’ll see what I mean immediately

SOME TIPS to save you from’Bloggers Block’

If one day you don’t really know what to write about:

Why not compose an evaluation about a popular (YouTube) video you enjoyed? Just Watch the video, write an opinion, add some personal insights and BAM!, you got yourself a cool piece of content !

Or why not compose a blogpost about a news item (it’s called news jacking)? When it’s on the news, you already know that people find it important, and they will recognize the subject and be more likely to start reading! Especially when your headline is something like: “My opinion on the latest Superbowl: Why it sucked so bad”.

Man! Will people start reading that? A lot of people will, we’re sure about that!

And another advantage to this, is that people love commenting on these kinds of things. No matter whether your readers agree or not, you’ll have yourself a piece of content which will get many reactions and probably a good handful of social shares too!

Awesome !

So, you can write about a hobby or interest like cooking or football. And for instance give a clear, controversial opinion. You might not make many new friends online, but who cares when you’re generating tons of new visitors, traffic, comments, shares, backlinks, e-mail subscribers or even new customers!

Another question we sometimes get: “What platform do I choose best to blog on?”

So what are the best web blogging sites for you to use to get started?

Well, some good and FREE platforms for written blogs are,, ( off course), Tumblr, …

For VIDEOBLOGS you can choose YouTube and for photoblogs for instance Flickr.

Off course, there are a lot more blogging platforms out there.

If you get better and more professional at blogging, it might be a good idea to register a domain, set up a website and attach a blog to it. You will then be able to integrate a lot of different tools to turn your blog into a true marketing tool.

All big companies have a blog these days, and use it to succesfully generate tons of traffic, shares, visitors, e-mail subscribers and even customers.

That’s about it for now.

Got more blogging tips of your own?

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