blogging tools beginners

What are good blogging tools for beginning bloggers? Some tips + Add your own favourite blogging tools below

This article is intended to provide beginning bloggers with a basic sort of beginners guide to web blogging tools, and to get them started on the highway to web blogging for income.

=> Do not be misled: Blogging for a living is very intensive and can be very exhausting.

Also, for a blogging newbie, it can take months, even years, before you really get the hang of it.

Nevertheless, earning money on line with a blog is just possible !

Some TOOLS to get you started

GoDaddy is a very trendy registrar option for beginning website owners with an integrated blog. Most start-up blogs can run sufficiently on an inexpensive shared server of a hosting company like BlueHost, GoDaddy, or DreamHost.

WordPress is the most efficient and most reliable web blogging platform these days.

Some common blogs available on the market are still created with Blogger, or with a free webdesign tool like WIX, but more and more are migrating to WordPress.

Most professional hosting companies can also help you install WordPress on your domain. Or they just do it for you.

It may take some time to truly grasp all the possibilities of WordPress web blogging, and understand how to use all WordPress plugins and widgets accessible, but when you get your hands on this flexible web blogging tool, you will find the free WordPress software package to be absolutely indispensable

The key to survive as a blogger and create a sustainable future as a blogger?
The secret to generating income by means of web blogging?

Keep your motivation up and keep blogging. Remain constant. Try not to get burned out too soon.

In the beginning, there’s often a natural excitement of enjoyment, as you start witnessing the web blogging traffic fruits of your efforts.

After a while, you kind of get used to it. But, do not let this prevent you from wanting to keep learning and get better.

And remember, whatever you do, just keep blogging.