how to get strong backlinks

What STRONG backlinks mean for your website or online business and how to get them

How strong Backlinks Can Rank Your Website Higher, Drive Traffic To Your Site And Get You More Potential Customers

You just can’t imagine how many people want to have good or strong backlinks ponting to their website.

Many of us however, don’t really know what exactly good backlinks (and bad badlinks) are, and how to get them.

The truth is that in the old days, all backlinks were good. So, you could get them using spammy and sloppy techniques that they worked.

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However, things have changed, a lot !

Today, more than a matter of how many backlinks you have pointed to your website, is a matter of how good – strong they are.

Google takes a look at the pageranks or domain ratings of the sites or pages that are linking to you, and if it encounters good websites linking to yours, it assumes your website is good and worth showing.

Simply put: The more strong and relevant websites you have pointing to your website, the better.

For Google, it means your website matters to people, is making something that people want, so they will tend to rank it higher.

Spammy links, from weak domains and unrelevant websites, will not get you anything.

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But what can strong backlinks mean to your business?

It’s simple enough:

When you got a lot of strong backlinks from websites that are relevant to your own site, you will move up in the Google search engine, more people will see your website, click on your website URL and visit your website.

Assuming that your website has a good quality, provides a good product or service, has a good user-experience, and is engaging, people will buy from you whatever you’re selling.

So, your sales are going to increase !

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There are many different ways and strategies to get links pointing to your website.

But you want to have only the good ones, the ones that actually make a difference and don’t penalize you by ranking your site down in the search engine results.

That is why you should spend a lot of time and effort in analyzing websites, and try to get links on the strong and relevant ones.

Building backlinks is not a simple, one-time thing.

There’s a whole psychology behind it, that you should master to get the most out of it.

Plus, it’s just a whole lot of work !

Getting backlinks is thus mostly a very time consuming effort, combined with the understanding of the psychology, processes and reasons behind it, and the knowledge of SEO-tools to make your whole ongoing backlinking strategy feasible.

Backlinking is a business on its own, and should be done or orchestrated by experienced white hat backlinking-specialists like BlogsZino.

You can even order affordable backlink-packages with us, to get more relevant website traffic and possibly even new potential customers for your online business.

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