3 Reasons Why Vintage Jewellery Can Be A Good Business Investment

Vintage jewellery can be a very viable investment opportunity for the right person, as there are so many benefits that you simply don’t get with modern jewellery. The investor must realise that this is not going to be a short term investment (unless you are willing to have vintage gemstones reset to create new “vintage” jewellery), but it could take decades to make any money on these pieces. However, in terms of investment for future generations, the right vintage jewellery can be an excellent choice. So, let’s find out why!

You Have The Benefit of Natural Gemstones

The first significant benefit of vintage jewellery is that they feature natural gemstones. In recent years, lab grown gemstones have become more prolific than ever, as the demand for expensive jewellery has exceeded the supply available in the form of real gemstones that take millions of years to form.

Whilst people are choosing lab grown diamonds and gemstones, many people are still favouring the real deal. So, having pieces of vintage jewellery containing authentic gemstones has the potential to make you a serious amount of money in the coming years, as the demand just continues to grow.

The Craftsmanship Is Unparalleled

Another significant benefit of investing in vintage jewellery is that the craftsmanship used to create these beautiful pieces is largely unparalleled in modern jewellery. The majority of vintage jewellery (more than 50 years old) was created way before mass production began, so each piece was hand crafted by an expert in the trade.

This resulted in an attention to detail and uniqueness that is very hard to replicate. It is this care and consideration that has also contributed to beautiful pieces of vintage jewellery lasting as long as it has whilst still being in exceptional condition. The quality of the stunning vintage engagement rings, bracelets, brooches, earrings and pendants that are circulating is phenomenal.

It Is More Sustainable

Last but not least, vintage jewellery is far more sustainable than modern equivalents. Modern metal and gemstone extraction methods are extremely damaging to communities across the world, as well as wildlife. Whilst this might lead some people to opt for lab grown gemstones, many people still want the real deal without buying into the damaging modern practices to create them.

Enter, vintage jewellery! These beautiful pieces of jewellery already exist, so buying them will have no negative impact on the environment, nor will it increase the demand for brand new jewellery to be made. With sustainability on the tip of everyone’s tongue, in the coming years, the demand for ethical jewellery is likely to spike!

Final Thoughts

Vintage jewellery can be an exceptional investment for the right person, and for the reasons mentioned above, now is the perfect time to get involved. Always have independent jewellery valuations to make sure that you are paying the right price for the pieces and do your research to find out which vintage jewellery eras are likely to make you the most money!