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4 Recommended Best Cheap Mosquito-Killing Tools

Rainy season means mosquito season. No wonder the demand for mosquito killers is increasing this season. During the rainy season, a lot of water stagnates. The perfect location for mosquitoes to lay eggs and breed. From ordinary mosquitoes to Aedes aegypti which can cause dengue fever, everything is there. If it only attacks one family, it might be overcome by conventional mosquito repellent. However, if the mosquitoes are already troubling residents, until someone is hospitalized due to mosquito bites.

This time, we will invite you to recognize some mosquito repellent devices that are cheap but effective to repel mosquitoes while you sleep or awake. Here are 4 of the best cheap and recommended mosquito killer tools!

The tools below are very easy to find around you, so you can buy them at any time:

Buzz B Gone Portable Electric Shock

One very effective tool in killing mosquitoes is a portable electric shock device, Buzz B Gone. This device works by releasing ultraviolet light which can kill mosquitoes in an instant. Operation is relatively easy, just put it in a dark place, mosquitoes will be sucked in immediately.

When mosquitoes are sucked into this Buzz B Gone, they will automatically be electrocuted and die right then and there.

To use this tool, you must be awake. That is, you cannot use this tool while sleeping. You also need to recharge the battery if it runs out. To avoid running out you need to recharge the battery regularly.

The advantage, this device is equipped with a flashlight that can be used when the lights go out. The price of this one mosquito killer tool varies, from $ 39,99, each tool. You can buy it at the nearest electricity shop.

Electric mosquito repellent

Electric mosquito coils can be purchased at the convenience store or supermarket. This product is available in several types, from cheap to expensive.

As the name implies, this product uses electricity to repel and eradicate mosquitoes. Can be used while you sleep and the fragrance is safe for children because it does not make shortness of breath.

Lamp-based mosquito repellent

This tool is the latest from two types of mosquito repellent before. One well-known brand of this tool is krisbow mosquito repellent.

The quality offered is very promising. This tool is safe for children, does not make it congested because it does not emit smoke, and relies on LED lights to catch small insects, including flies.

Homemade simple mosquito repellent

You can also make a simple mosquito repellent tool using instant yeast, water, used bottles, duct tape, black crackle, and scissors.

The trick is to divide the bottle into 2 parts with the bottom a little longer. The bottom is filled with a mixture of water and fermipan and allowed to rise. While the top is flipped over and connected to the bottom of the bottle using duct tape. Finally, the tool is wrapped using a black crackle with a hole in the top as a mosquito entrance.

This mosquito killer tool can be placed in the corner of the room and used as a mosquito trap.