4 Ways to Make Your Meeting More Effective

Meeting, meetings and meetings, each of you must often do this. Some meetings gget along with the way we want, some are even far from expectations. Good or bad meeting with someone can be seen from how the other person responds. Also, there are several ways to make your meeting more effective, here are some ways:

To make your meeting with other people not in vain, it is better to make an agenda before the day of the meeting. This will help you in the meeting later. Not only makes the meeting more productive, but it will make the results of the meeting more focused. To prevent boredom, you can have a meeting at the hotel. For example, renting a place at the Mercure Danang French Village. They provide Meeting rooms danang that have complete facilities.

Try to Avoid “Smartphones” for a moment

Maybe some of you will think “It’s a smartphone to see e-mails or documents in it” or “In a smartphone that’s also a lot of our work”. If you want the meeting to run as it should, it’s better to avoid holding your device and focus on the topic of conversation. If all your work is on a smartphone, you should first move it into a laptop before you have a meeting.

Make a Short but Memorable Meeting

No one likes to hear other people talking for too long. Yes, boring. That’s why having a meeting agenda is important. Make the meeting you want to do short but straight to the point. Thus, the message that you deliver is right on target.

Use the Last 10 Minutes for Review

If at the beginning you have made a meeting agenda, everything will be so much easier. Within 10 minutes of review, make sure all the points you have conveyed and the message that you issued has been channeled properly. If the response of the other person is positive, then you can be sure that your meeting that day was successful. Congratulations! Conducting meetings becomes useless if you forget a few important points above. Make your meeting more effective. Do not waste time and energy.