How To Market Your Fashion Side Hustle

More and more people are creating side hustles to keep up with the rapid increase in inflation. The lack of pay increases and long hours are starting to turn tiresome for people and are wanting more of a balanced lifestyle where they can make money, but also enjoy the small moments in life. If you are or have created a side hustle, you probably already know that creating the side hustle is only part of it, the other part is getting your business recognised and having people come to your business. Whether this is an online business or a brick-and-mortar business, you are going to need to understand how you get customers and what is going to work for your business. In this article, we will go through some of the main tips on how to market your side hustle to gain more qualified users to make a purchase.

Create A Website

Creating a website sounds difficult, but in truth, it really isn’t that hard. There are some great platforms out there that will make your web creation super easy. There are many great platforms out there, but there are two main platforms to look into. If you are selling a product or multiple products, then Shopify is going to be one of the best platforms to use, the other is for when you are offering a service, this should always be done in WordPress due to its accessibility and how easy it is to use.

When creating a website, you need to think of it as your shop front, everything you offer should be easy to find on your website. You also need to have it personalised to your brand and be unique to other websites. If you have no technical skills, having a developer on hand will be beneficial to you. Your website should also be optimised for search engines through SEO. For example, if you are selling hoodies, for example, you may have one page optimised for the keyword “Oversized Mens Hoodie”.

Use Social Media

Social media is a hugely important tool for your business and should not be understated. Not only does social media enable you to meet new audiences, but if you are promoting your side hustle, this can quickly increase in popularity through people sharing your posts, this can result in more sales and more brand awareness which is exactly what you want when starting out. You can set up an additional profile on your personal page whilst you are starting out, and when it gets busier, it is a good idea to set up a separate profile so that you can be a fully-fledged business.

When creating social media profiles, it is important to understand that not all social channels will be right for your business. For example, if you are a clothing brand such as Gods Gift, then Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are going to bring you the best returns. But if you were an insurance broker, then LinkedIn is going to be your best option.

There are many valid methods to market your side hustle, but by following these two tips, you’re going to ensure that you have the best start. Having a well structured website paired with social media is a powerful method to bring you good returns.