Running a business is now much easier because it has been supported with a lot of the latest technology. If in the past we still relied on a calculator to calculate the total expenditure and the amount of change. So now there is an online cashier application that can help do that efficiently and accurately.

The name is point of sale , does anyone know?

Definition of Point of Sale

Having a point of sale machine will greatly assist the performance process in the vanguard of shops and restaurants. Point of sale is the end point of a customer’s shopping trip where he will meet and deal directly with the cashier’s desk.

At POS, the cashier in charge will count all purchases and offer payment options to customers. After payment is completed, customers will receive proof of shopping transactions (receipt).

Online cashier application is a popular application that allows business people to get functional cashiers in general while getting other features. You could say if the online cashier application acts as a great accountant and clerk.

Interestingly, this cashier application can not only be operated in shopping centers, but also used in restaurants and other lower-middle scale businesses . So, all business people can feel the technological advances that are volatile in the UK

List of the Best POS Applications in UK

Making consumers wait a long time when the payment process is not the right and fun action. Even for some customers considered as less professional behavior. In order not to get complaints from customers because of the length of the payment process, make sure to choose the right POS application.

1. Mokapos

Right in the first place is Mokapos . This cash register application is perfect for those who run small to medium-sized businesses. Interestingly, this application can be run mobile .

Like most POS applications, Moka users will get many features that are useful for running a business and inventory. Not only helps in calculating prices, Moka also helps classify products, see how much stock is left, even make business reports anytime when we need them.

Through Moka, consumers can pay for goods they buy using credit or debit card payment instruments from various popular banks in UK, so they don’t have to always provide cash. No wonder some retails, restaurants and other places often provide EDC machines for card transactions.

In Moka, management and employee maintenance facilities are also available, including seeing positive and negative feedback provided by consumers. How to operate the Moka application was very easy, just install and register yourself.

2. Pawoon

Before deciding on the Pawoon installation, know in advance if the online cashier application has two versions namely the free and paid versions . For those of you who really need functional functionality from this application, it is recommended to use the paid Pawoon which has more features in it.

The Pawoon application works responsively in recording financial transactions, conducting customer relations management, increasing traffic relations with customers and even designing marketing strategies. Does not stop there, now Pawoon has additional features, namely financial statements.

Through these features, business people have the opportunity to apply for credit and be approved by banks. Because Pawoon has pocketed a cooperation license with Bank. So if there is a lack of capital to expand the business, you can complete the loan requirements and use the facilities of Pawoon.

3. Olsera

The cashier application which is also popular among business people in UK is Olsera. Olsera allows users to work more flexibly , both via PCs / tablets and smartphones. This application can be downloaded by anyone who has an Android phone or iOS.

There are many advantages that we can get when using Olsera, where businesses can carry out sales activities in two different dimensions, namely in cyberspace and offline.

They not only designed a professional cashier system but also expanded to shop online services . Although it is run in a different way, synchronizing sales data and cashier payment transactions will still be displayed accurately.

Another feature that we can get is real time reports. So, how do you operate the Olsera cashier application at retail and restaurants?

  • Optimal Restaurants

Before releasing the total price that the customer needs to pay, the application will calculate how fast the restaurant’s ability to serve consumers. In addition, Olsera allows payments to be made separately or combined.

So if there are customers who come in groups and want to pay each, this application is able to make it happen. There is still a table management feature , distributing orders to the cashier’s desk and even listing additional menus . And the best feature is displaying orders to the kitchen and bar.

  • Optimal Retail

The way to operate the Olsera application in retail is much shorter, you only need to register the barcode numbers of the various products you sell so that the system can easily search for them when needed. This application can also be used to record the IMEI number of various products.

Besides functioning properly in retail and restaurants, this online cashier application can actually still be used in various places including cafes.