5 Tips to Prevent Fire When Leaving the House

House fires can occur unexpectedly. Often, fires occur due to electrical short circuits, forget to turn off the stove, and many other things. Even though you already feel very careful about using devices that produce fires inside the house, it does not mean you are safe from house fires.

Here are 5 Safe Tips to Prevent Fires when Leaving the House:

1. Use electronic equipment according to procedure

Do not get used to using parallel electricity and use a pile of outlets because it easily triggers a short circuit. Also, avoid using electronic equipment for a very long period.

Electronic equipment that is overheating will more easily trigger a short circuit. Not only that, use an electric cable that matches the electrical capacity is also very important.

2. Routinely check gas cylinder regulators and electrical installations

When you leave the house, make sure the gas cylinder regulator is released to reduce the risk of fire further.

You also need to regularly check the flow of electricity and electrical equipment in the house. Circuit Breakers, ตู้ load center Schneider, Schneider load centers, peeling cables, and other things that can cause a short circuit.

3. Pay attention to electric power

The use of electronic equipment needs to be balanced with the electrical power of the house. If the use of electricity exceeds the existing power capacity, it can potentially cause a fire. Please pay attention to the electrical power on each item we use from cardboard storage.

4. Save energy

Start getting used to turning off the lights or unplugging when not in use. In addition to reducing the risk of a short-circuit, we can also save on electricity costs every month. Not only that, but it is also vital to maintain family safe from fire.

5. Keep flammable objects

It’s a good idea to keep flammable objects away from a fire source. Always keep flammable objects in a safe place. Not only that, you need to store all kinds of lighters such as cigarettes, candles, and many more, away from sources of ignition.

Monitor the use of fire and never make a fire near flammable items to prevent an accident.