6 This Will Let You Succeed on the First Day of Work

When you have done the interview, then the next step is about whether or not you are accepted in the company. With all the effort and preparations, a notification of acceptance to join the company will come to you.

After you have successfully overcome fear in the interview process, maybe you are now feeling anxious about how to deal with the first day of work. You will meet new people and confronted with several tasks that await you.

However, don’t worry about your first day of work. The following tips are for you who feel anxious for the first day of work:

1. Use Polite and Attractive Clothes

Pay attention to how you dress before leaving for work on the first day. People will see and create the first impression of you. You can try ordering clothes at Patrick & Co Bangkok Tailors, so that the clothes you wear are clean, neat, and smell good.

2. Be Friendly and Courteous

When you have entered the area of ​​the company, be friendly to everyone (other employees to people who have high positions). However, please don’t overdo it, that will only make them feel disturbed.

By being friendly, you will give a positive impression and get to know people you met in the company environment where you work.

3. Ask and Want to Learn

There might be some tasks or jobs that you don’t know about. For that, don’t be shy about asking. Since you are new, of course, there are many things that you do not know about the company.

Ask the employee who has already worked at the company. Keep learning and don’t be lazy to find out about what and how the conditions of the company you work for.

4. Don’t Be Arrogant

When you have strengths, don’t think of it as something to brag about. Be humble, and don’t be arrogant. When you are asked to judge something, judge it in the right language without criticizing it.

Try to get close to people who can guide you to grow and become more critical in the company.

5. Build Relationships with People in the Company

build relationships with people in your work environment. That way, you will feel comfortable and happy to work in the company. You can go to lunch with office employees and start developing good relations.

Be friendly with office employees and don’t be choosy to make friends, because it can cause discomfort at work. By building relationships, you will get help if one day you have a problem.

6. Do Your Job Well

You have to do a good and right job. You are paid to do a job, so do the job properly and responsibly. Do not neglect your duties and responsibilities, and do the work to the maximum.

If you are doing so, you will get good grades from your boss. When you do everything correctly, and according to orders, of course, your boss will be happy and start paying attention to you. Hopefully, with your seriousness, your boss can quickly consider future promotions.