7 Step of Correct Morning Skin Care Routine To have The Glowing face skin

All skin care is required to do it twice a day, which is in the morning after waking up and in the evening after a full day of activity. Using skin care in the morning and evening is a little different. Using skincare of Acseine can help you brighten your face. ผลิตภัณฑ์ดูแลผิว (Skin care products) Which Acseine offers can solve the problem that’s happening to your face.

So, if you’re still confused looking for a good skincare for your facial skin, you can buy skincare products in Acseine. Here’s 7 steps in use of skincare.

1. wash a face

Washing face is the first step we should take before applying any kind of skin care. By washing down any skin care product penetrates skin more perfectly. With a perfectly clean face, make up looks more natural.

To get fresh skin, we first use oil cleanser and then Water based cleanser. This is known as a double cleansing.

2. Toner

Cleaning with double cleansing only is not enough, ladies, there’s still dirt left after the cleaning that’s still stuck in the pore that might not all be lifted up including the flushing water. Now, with this toner, clearance will become even more intense until the pore gap.

3. Essence

Once our cleaning steps are complete, our skin gives us the nutrients we need. Use essence after toner. Essence itself is a kind of skin care that’s almost similar to the serum but isn’t as strong as the serum. Specially formulated for addressing shriveled, fluffy lines, dull leather and uneven leather.

4. Serum

Now it’s time to use the serum after essence. Only ply essence still isn’t enough to fill our skin needs

especially when we have a problem with wrinkle face. Use the serum when you’re 30 and older.

5. Eye Cream

After Serum use Eye Cream to provide moisture to the skin around the eye area. By using Eye Cream it can make it easier to apply a moisturizing cream later.

6.  Moisturizer

It is time to apply a moisturizer to moisturize our skin so it does not dry out and also protects the skin from the outside environment which might make our skin irritated and also brittle. Whatever your skin type, whether it is a combination, dry, normal, sensitive, even oily skin, always use the right moisturizer and suitable for your skin type.

7. Sunscreen

And the last step as our skin care routine in the morning, is to apply sunscreen. The aim is to protect the skin from UV which is harmful to the skin which can penetrate into the skin and damage it. Damage such as skin wrinkles faster, dark spots, dull even the most dangerous can trigger skin cancer if often dried in the sun.