A Guide To Taking Great Product Photography For Your Business Website

If you own an e-commerce business where you sell products online, you will know that taking great product photography is half the battle of attracting customers. When analysing consumer behaviour, it is proven that having photos that show your product in the best light will result in more sales. Many consumers take product photography very seriously when they’re considering buying a product from a business. Here is a must-have guide for taking great product photos for your business’ website. 

Use The Right Models

If your product needs models to display it, such as articles of clothes or watches, it’s important to get models that represent your brand well. For example, if you’re selling streetwear for men aimed at a younger demographic, it’s important to use young models that look like they wear your brand. If you sell ladies’ clothing aimed at older women, make sure the models for your clothes represent that demographic. Customers want to be able to see themselves wearing that product, so make sure that you choose which models you’ll use carefully. This could help your website look more cohesive and that it fits your brand, making your business more memorable.

Use A Great Camera

Many business owners take their product photography on their smartphone. This isn’t always a bad idea, but it can look unprofessional. One of the best tips to improve your business’ product photography is to use a great camera, one that is used by professional photographers. You should also be able to use the camera like a photographer does to show your products in the best way. For example, avoid using wide lenses or flash, as this can affect how your product photography turns out.

Multiple Angles

When considering whether or not to buy a product, consumers want to be able to see every part of the product. This is true for almost every product, but especially if you’re selling clothing or accessories. Consumer research has shown that when e-commerce websites use multiple angles in product photography to display a product, they are more likely to make a sale. Therefore, it’s important to show every possible angle of your product and have at least 4-5 pictures of your product. It can make it much easier for a potential customer to conceptualise what the product will look like when it arrives, making it more appealing.

Show Every Part Of The Product

If your product comes in parts or is part of a set, make sure that you display every part adequately. For example, if you own a men’s streetwear brand and you sell mens twinsets, make sure to show images of both parts of it. Or if you sell an electric razor that comes with multiple parts, make sure it is obvious what is included when you buy the product. Showing all parts of your product is proven to improve the likelihood of a sale, and can improve your website conversions by a significant amount.

Taking great product photography could increase your profits by a large margin – make sure you are taking all of these steps when it comes to taking pictures of your products.