Building team: building a solid team

Team building is a conscious effort to develop group work in an organization. Social scientists call groups is a group of two or more interacting with stable people, and they share a common goal and think of the group as their own.

While it is undeniable that some activities may be more efficient when done by individuals, many problems are too broad and too complex for one person to deal with. In this case, teamwork in management can deliver more effective outcomes than individual labor.

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Characteristic of groups

Characteristic of groups:

Composed of two or more people in social interactions either verbally or non-verbally. Group members must have the influence of one another in order to be recognized as members of a group.

Have a stable relationship structure so it can keep group members together and function as a unit. Group members are people who have a common goal or interest. Individuals who are members of a group, know each other and can distinguish those who are not members of the group.

Benefits of team building

Team-building done properly and sustainable is going to come up with change that is often much better than expected.

Benefits or perceived results:

For Team Leader

Team leader will be stronger and more effective

Team leaders are able to adjust their culinary style, giving more attention to the interests and responsibilities of the group than to personal interests. There is greater appreciation of the team leader for the needs of the team members and parts of the team.

The leader becomes more able to communicate directly with the team members so that there is a better understanding of relationships between the leader and team members. Team leader has the initiative to better understand its members’ practices.The director has higher commitment to the job goal and greater hope.

For individual team members:

Most individuals have a more persuasive approach, tolerance becomes higher and have the confidence to present arguments without a hierarchy.

Communication and dialogue between group members has become much more open and freedom, which has been one of the major barriers to group development.

There is a more open “space” to acknowledge some of the weaknesses of the individual, even sometimes not uncommon for resigning because of self-awareness (this is not the expected resolution).

Many personal problems between team members/groups that have been challenging can be solved more easily because of the openness of all team members.