Computer networks are technologies that much help human activities. But behind all the sophistication, some problems commonly occur in computer networks.

The presence of computer networks brings many benefits to humans. Various groups also use it to complete their activities. However, every technology has a problem that sometimes happens. Here are some common problems in computer networks:

1. ‘Hangs’ on the Computer

Hangs on the computer problems is often occur. To solve this, you only need to restart your computer. The reason for this problem is because the IP that you are using is the same as the IP of other computers. To avoid hangs in the future, you have to replace it with a different IP.

2. Network Cable Failure

This problem is commonly encountered due to network cable breaks, which can affect the performance of a computer on the network. The disconnect between switches (uplink cable) has an impact on network problems in one building block. Moreover, a backbone cable failure can affect most computers in the LAN network. If there is damage to the network cable (no longer functions), then the solution is replaced with a new one or consult with an IT Specialist such as King Computer. They are service companies that specialize in Hub / Switch solutions, computer network audit, Firewalls, Backup & Security, and many more. For more detailed information, you can visit the website at

3. Network Tool Failure

Interference due to the failure of network devices can vary. The interference in computer network occurs in any form, such as:

  • failure of the NIC – LAN card on a computer
  • failure of switches on several computers
  • failure on the central switch that connects the server network.

For LAN card failure in one of the computers, the solution is to replace it with a backup network card.

4. System Failure

A system failure can occur because of a problem with your DHCP server. This problem caused the client does not receive an IP address. It could also happen because there is a problem with your Directory Services system so that the client cannot log on to the network. Another cause can occur because there is a problem with the name register on your DNS system.

5. Slow connection

slow connection problems can happen if the connection is shared with many computers. It is could also due to the activity of PC clients who are downloading or uploading malware (viruses, Trojans, Spyware) that use all of your bandwidth. The solution for this is by using bandwidth management, antivirus, or anti-spyware. Another solution is that you must increase the speed of the internet connection. You can try the simple way by disabling image loading in the browser or using the software.

From the list of problems that often occur on computer networks above, which issues have you experienced or often experienced? Hopefully, the solution in this article can help you.