Digital Marketing Trends 2022

The year 2021 saw a lot of different changes happening within the digital marketing space. A lot of this had to do with the changes brought on by the pandemic. A lot of the marketers ended up hopping on different trends and innovations that occurred during the period. This includes adding AI chats to a website, creating shoppable posts, and even producing interactive content.

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Like always, there continue to be more and more trends infiltrating the space as we continue to move into the years ahead. The landscape for digital marketing is in a constant state of flux. If you fail to adapt as a digital marketer, you will simply be left in the dust. It’s essential to not only be able to spot changes in trends but also to capitalise on them to remain competitive in the marketplace. To continue to discover some of the trends, you can read some of our marketing predictions going into 2022 and beyond.

Biggest Trends:

There continues to be so much importance on content in the digital marketing space. This is no different than it has been in the past. However, the importance of creating and sharing quality content is more important than ever before. Google continues to strive to help its users find the highest quality content. They want to know their users are having a good experience. In February, they rolled out a new update called the “Passage Ranking update.” This was an update that allowed the AI engines to index passages and sentences. This meant they could get more into detail about what a webpage is all about. This also means that content can show up directly in the search engines as snippets rather than forcing the user to click through to see it. This means that creating and sharing high-quality content is even more important now than ever before.

To effectively deliver a message to a prospective lead or customer, you need to create and share valuable content. It was no different in 2021. Content has been and continues to be king. It is very easy to see that this isn’t going to change moving forward.

Sustainability is another big thing that has come about throughout 2022. It was a huge part of 2021 and continues to be into 2022. More and more consumers are becoming increasingly aware of how they are impacting the planet and they are holding retailers accountable. They are sticking to buying from brands that make a conscious effort to be Eco-friendly. A lot of brands have taken note of this and started to position themselves as more sustainable-focused consumers.

There is a lot of evidence that shows that marketers are allocating their budgets differently. Hubspot has a state of Marketing report that showed that they are spending as much as 26% on creating content. While you want to ensure you are spending your marketing budget according to your respective industry and needs, you do want to get a good feel for how others are spending theirs. That way, you can invest accordingly on your own.

Trends That Are Being Left Behind

A lot of digital marketers end up getting overly excited about some of the trends that they forget about their relevance. You need to adjust your tactics based on your target audience. While a new idea could be fantastic, you need to ensure it’s relevant to your audience. Your goals need to be highlighted to ensure it fits with what you’re trying to do. Simply ignoring engagement isn’t a smart idea. It doesn’t matter what marketing channel you’re referring to. Because of this, you’ll want to leave that in the past.

Another big trend you have to think about leaving in the past is sharing copied content or duplicate content. Don’t simply repurpose your content across marketing channels. Likewise, don’t go around sharing the same memes and other content across platforms. Your target audience has likely already seen them. You’re only going to be diluting your content and your sway with your audience. A lot of social media sites have switched up their algorithm to prioritize quality and original content.

To get the best results with your campaigns, you want to stick to producing the most organic content. You want to leave unoriginality in the past. Look at our marketing predictions and you’ll be able to see how these trends can help you improve in the next few years.

Some 2022 Trends:

– Data Protection
– Automation