Guidance on How to Make a Visa

The form of this document also varies, depending on the country that issued it. Some are in the form of stamps, some are in the form of stickers attached to passports, some are in the form of soft files.

For visas in the form of soft files, often also called eVisa. The process is done before setting foot in the destination country. Later the result is not a sticker, but a file sent via email.

Not all countries need this travel document. Countries labeled “visa-free” allow you to enter only with a passport and other identity cards.

Visa requirements

Not all countries require visitors to have a visa before entering their territory. But in Australia you are required to get a visa, if you need a migration agent Sydney you can contact Hermis & Associates.

The following are the types of visas that can be classified according to their needs and time of obtaining them.

1. Visa Free

The following countries do not require this document when you visit. You only need to have your passport and other identity cards. But did not rule out the purpose of asking for additional documents such as showing a round trip ticket.

Even if you are visa-free, it doesn’t mean you can stay there long. There is always a maximum time limit applied by each country.

2. eVisa

This document was created online with the final result being a soft file sent via email. The applicant only needs to enter the requested personal data, then make a payment right away via credit card.

Later, this document will be sent via email. But when it reaches the destination immigration gate, the owner of the eVisa must show the requested documents (mentioned on the registration website) to the local Immigration officer.

3. Visa On Arrival

This type of document allows you to take care of entry permits after arriving in the destination country. So you don’t need to go back and forth to the embassy located in your home country.

The validity period and the maximum renewal time differ from one country to another. For types of arrival, a stamp or sticker will be given at the immigration door of the destination country, and this is also where the owner of the document must pay the visa fee.

4. Visa Before Arrival

The following countries are those who apply the rule that visas must be obtained before entering the destination country. To get this document, the applicant can go to the embassy of the destination country, travel agent or agency appointed by the country concerned.