Hair Care Tips to Keep Your Long Hair Stay Healthy

Having long and healthy hair is the dream of every woman. However, to get this dream come true, it takes extra care. Women with long hair are usually vulnerable to various problems such as hair loss, split ends, and hair fall. Hair problems need to be treated in various ways. Most people commonly use hair care products to ward off multiple damages.

Unfortunately, the use of hair care products alone is not enough. You have to do other ways to keep your long hair stay healthy and shiny.

Here are five ways to care for long hair to stay healthy.

1. Cutting your hair ends regularly

The ends of the hair are the most vulnerable parts to break or split. If you let the ends of the damaged hair continue to grow, it means you let the damage spread to other parts of the hair. To overcome this problem, we suggest you come and do hair care at the Head Office Hair Specialist.

2. Do not brush hair while it is wet

Hair brushing is a routine activity for women. Avoid doing this activity when the hair is still wet because it causes your hair to break easily.

Instead, you can dry your hair with a soft towel and then spray special vitamins to protect the surface of the hair. After the hair dries off, brush your hair from the bottom to the top.

3. Avoid washing your hair too often

Washing hair too frequently will mess the hair acidity level. It also causes the scalp to itch. So, wash your hair as needed. That way, the level of moisture and acidity of the hair is well-maintained and stays healthy. We advise you to wash your hair once every three days.

4. Start a healthy lifestyle

Eating foods rich in nutrients and vitamins can increase the hair growth pace. Also, foods with rich protein can grow more durable hair.

In addition to implementing a healthy diet, we also suggest you exercise regularly to increase blood flow to the scalp, enhance hair growth, and reduce stress.