How To Create The Perfect CV

Have you ever thought about how appealing your CV is and if it is actually getting noticed by potential employers?

To put things in perspective, the average recruiter only spends about 7 seconds scanning a CV.

Also consider the fact that in some instances a job posting will receive almost 200 replies in the first 200 seconds.

In some instances a simple spelling or grammatical error can have your CV tossed to the rejected pile.

Additionally, did you realize if you have a photo of yourself attached to the Cv, it risks an 88% chance of being rejected.

Also, one in three employers will actively reject you based upon something they found out about you online.

With that in mind, 68% of employers now search your name on Facebook.

There is also a 17% chance that your cover letter will actually be read.

Additionally, 76% of all CVs are ignored for the simple fact that the email is unprofessional.

As you can see, it is essential to get everything correct on your CV the very first time if you want to be successful on the job hunt.

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The Ultimate Guide To Writing The Perfect CV

Your CV s the only thing a potential employer is going to have to gain insight into you and if you are a good fit for the company. Therefore, it is essential that everything contained in the CV describes you perfectly. This is going to include the language, presentation, general look, and even the paper.

Proper CV Length

While a shorter CV is generally preferred by the majority of employers, you should not cram everything about yourself on two pages or less.

The CV should be as long as needed to describe you without becoming dull and boring.

You want to put yourself in the mind of the reader and ask yourself:

If this was in front of me, would I be inclined to read it? Would this be interesting to read while sitting behind a desk at work?

Your story should be told in a logical fashion.

Overall Content

Personal Details

Your name should be placed as the title of your document. Consider the fact that the CV is all about you.

At the head of the CV, you should place your name, address, telephone number, as well as a professional email address. Contrary to popular belief, you should not place a date of birth.

Be certain that the telephone number is valid and correct, as well. You should not place a current work number, only a home and mobile.

In some countries, it is tradition to include a headshot. However, in other areas, this is not needed and will actually land your CV in the trash.

CV Summary

This is the area in which you will reply to why you are relevant for the role in which you are applying.

You may describe how your past positions have lead you up to apply for the position and gave you the necessary skills. In short, it simply describes why you are the best choice for the position.

You always want to look at the CV from the perspective of the client. They are going to be looking at how you can best deliver to them.

There is no need to go into great amounts of detail. In fact, if you do it correctly, the summary section is all you need.

In that short space, you simply need to let them know you are the solution to the problem they have.

Bullets VS Paragraphs

You want your CV to be readable and scannable, which is why bullet points are always preferred.

How Many Bullets?

The maximum amount you should use should be six. However, four or three is even better.

These are simple statements that are going to point out why you are the best for this role.


Should I use the line: ‘References available upon request’? This is not the best way to end a successful CV.

It is generally expected that at some point an employer may ask for references, either business or personal, before you are offered a role within a company.

With this in mind, it is best to use this area for something more important that will show the employer why they need to offer you the role. If they desire references, they will ask for them.