How to Manage Exciting Classroom

Almost every day, the teacher has to deal with different challenges in the class. Do students understand the lesson? Do they understand what the teacher is explaining? Not infrequently, teachers are frustrated with the behavior of students. However, there are some ways to make the learning process fun for both the teacher and students.

Morning Greeting

welcome students in front of the entrance and greet them one by one when entering the class. This method indirectly lets students know that you care about them. You can also make an interesting greeting innovation, such as high-five, a warm hug, or a short dance together. This is very fun and will definitely increase student mood.

Get Student Active and Mobile

You need to know; students tend to get bored easily when they sit for too long. To involve them in activities that require movement at any time. For example, if you invite students to discuss, you can ask them to respond to the discussion. The response they give is simple, quite agree, or disagree. However, the response must be demonstrated by certain body gestures or even moving places. The point is to encourage students always to be active and move during the learning process. Make sure furniture for school classroom in your school is safe and lightweight to make this activity easier.

Have an ‘Anti-Bored’ Exercise Routine

Once students enter the class, make sure that each of them starts the activity right away. You can do various activities, such as giving a piece of paper containing special reading or inviting students to make a daily journal. This activity sounds simple, but it can make students realize that you have high expectations for them.

Motivate Student

One of the things that you can do at the end of the class is to create a special session for motivation. Motivate them and show them that teachers are care and have high expectations for students.