Keeping Fit during Ramadhan

The month of Ramadan or fasting is the moment that many people look forward to every year. This month full of blessings, forgiveness, and mercy is the dream of all Muslims in the world.

how to stay fit and in shape during ramadan or fasting

How to stay in shape during Ramadan ala Tips and Tricks Fasting for approximately 14 hours for a measure of time is not something extraordinary. However, our bodies will still feel shocked or shocked during the adaptation periods during the month of Ramadan.

The body will not get food and drink intake for 14 hours.

Meanwhile, we are required to continue with normal activities, work according to predetermined office hours and work performance must remain like the months before Ramadan.

Therefore, it is very important that our bodies stay fit and fresh during Ramadan.

Tips for Maintaining Your Body to Stay Fit during Ramadan

So, here are tips for keeping your body in shape during Ramadan in the style of Tips and Tricks.

1. Enough Sleep

get enough sleep during ramadan

The quality of sleep in the month of fasting will of course decrease because we will wake up earlier every day for sahur.

Normally the sahur starts at o’clock. 03.00 – 04.00 WIB, followed by dawn prayers at 04.30.

Now, with a lack of sleep rations, we can take a “power nap” for 10-15 days after the noon or Asr prayers arrive. Even though the time is short, a quality “power nap” makes us fresher during Ramadan to deal with clients who want to meet during the day or have discussions with superiors in the afternoon.

2. Keep your intake of fruits and vegetables in shape during Ramadan

eat vegetables and fruit

Consumption of vegetables and fruit can keep the body in shape during Ramadan!

Choose fruits that can provide enough vitamins and nutrients for us throughout the day. You can eat bananas, apples, and pears at dawn.

Spinach, carrots, cabbage, or green beans with baby corn can be nutritious intake when it’s time to break the fast.

If you need a recipe reference, you can check this Sayur Rica Recipe. Uh, but not too spicy.

3. Consume Honey and Vitamins if Needed

honey and vitamins

If necessary, you can drink honey and vitamins to stay fit and in shape during fasting

You already know how honey is beneficial for our fitness and health? Consume 2 tablespoons of honey at the time of breaking the fast and dawn to keep us from feeling weak, and still be able to smile happily during the day.

Also take vitamin supplements to support your daily activities during Ramadan.

4. Light exercise during fasting

light exercise to keep the body in shape during Ramadan

For those of you who are used to sports but are confused about when to exercise during this fasting time? Don’t worry, after the evening prayers and tarawih, and your stomach will be relieved by the intake of food for breaking the fast.

You can use this time for approximately 30 minutes to burn calories.

Choose light exercise to maintain balance during fasting. Besides that, light exercise can keep the body fit and fit during Ramadan.

You can work out at home or walk to the mosque which is some distance from the house. In addition to getting merit, you will also stay fresh during the fasting month and your body will also stay in shape.

5. Drinking Milk and Drinking Water

how to stay in shape during ramadan

To stay fit during Ramadan, don’t forget to drink lots of water and milk (if you can) during Sahur.

Even though we are adults, we still need milk as a nutritious intake for our bodies. You can consume milk at dawn according to the portion your body needs.

So the composition of nutritious foods, a glass of milk, honey and multivitamins at dawn can make you fit and fit during this Ramadan month.

Avoid coffee and tea at dawn, because the two favorite types of many people contain diuretics. Namely a type of drink that accelerates the growth rate of urine, so that someone often pees.

This is if it lasts as long as we fast can cause the body to lack fluids, causing us to become dehydrated. So during fasting, try to keep 8 glasses of water consumed by our bodies.

6. Doing Exercise

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