Natural White Tooth Smile with Natural Ingredients Blends

Yellow teeth are often a barrier to smiling out loud. Of course, you always want to look perfect and look clean, including teeth with natural, clean, and healthy teeth. However, did you know that the color of teeth is determined by your DNA, where ivory teeth are the natural color that most people have?

Causes of Yellow Teeth

The yellow color itself is not always a sign of poor oral or dental health. Apart from natural factors, the yellow color of teeth is also influenced by habits that make teeth yellow. What are some of these habits?

  • Do not clean your teeth regularly or diligently

Not being diligent or regularly cleaning your teeth will cause plaque buildup which is one of the causes of yellow teeth. Plaque buildup is caused by the buildup of saliva tissue and food debris that is not cleaned properly. Therefore, you need to be diligent and regularly clean your teeth every morning after breakfast and before bed to avoid plaque buildup.

  • Smoking

Smoking has many adverse effects on the body, including on your teeth. The smoking habit, especially for heavy smokers, will make your teeth turn yellow faster. The nicotine and tar content in cigarettes will stick to tooth enamel. The more and longer you smoke, your teeth will even become brown and blackened.

  • How to Brush Teeth Too Hard and Coarse

Brushing is an effort to keep your teeth and mouth clean. However, there is a right way to brush your teeth, because if you brush your teeth the wrong way, it will be one of the causes of yellowing of your teeth. If you brush your teeth too hard it will damage the enamel coating on your teeth which will make your teeth turn yellow.

  • Drug Use

Yellow teeth can also be caused by the use of certain drugs. These drugs include tetracycline, doxycycline or allergy medications, and blood pressure which, when used in excess, will cause teeth to turn yellow.

  • Consume Coffee, Tea or Soda

Coffee, tea, or soda is certainly a beverage that is often consumed, both at home, at work, or in various hangout places. However, this drink contains ingredients that can erode the enamel on the teeth and will stick to the dentine, which is yellow and makes the teeth even more yellow.

However, you can overcome this habit with regular dental care and using the right products, so that you can still enjoy serving the drinks you like without worrying that your teeth will turn yellow.

Yes, some of the habits above can make your teeth even more yellow if you don’t anticipate them with effective ways to maintain natural white teeth.

Effective Ways to Whiten Teeth

Having white teeth is certainly the desire of many people. With white teeth, you can smile naturally with confidence, because your teeth will look brighter and healthier. For that, there are several effective ways you can do to whiten teeth.

  • Reduce or Stop Smoking

As you already know, smoking is one of the main causes of teeth turning yellow or even turning brown and blackening. Therefore, you should reduce or even quit smoking not only for your teeth but for your body.

  • Treatment to the Dentist

It is also important for you to routinely attend to the dentist every 6 months. In addition to maintaining oral health in general, at the dentist, you can also carry out treatments in the form of safe teeth whitening. At the dentist, you can perform treatments such as bleaching, polishing, bonding, or veneers to whiten teeth.

  • Diligently Clean Teeth

The next way is to be diligent in cleaning your teeth by brushing your teeth and dental floss. Brush your teeth properly and correctly gently in a circular motion and do not press the brush too hard on the teeth. Brush your teeth every day after you eat breakfast and before bed. Also, use dental floss to clean food debris that has entered between your teeth. With routine and proper dental care, you don’t need to worry about enjoying various types of food and drinks that you like.

  • Use the Right Toothpaste

Using the right toothpaste will also give you more results to make your teeth naturally white. Use the right toothpaste with a toothbrush regularly in the morning after breakfast and at night before bed. Your teeth are healthy white.

Steel Bite Pro Supplement: For Natural White Teeth

The use of natural ingredients is increasing and has been widely used for various products that are used daily. This is driven by the increasing public knowledge of natural ingredients that have various benefits and properties for both health and beauty.

Along with the increasing level of environmental awareness, the use of natural ingredients is also believed to reduce the level of environmental pollution from the use of various daily products.

One of the uses of natural ingredients that has become a trend is for oral health. You already know that one way to support oral health is to consume or use natural ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, spices such as betel or cucumber, or certain natural materials such as charcoal or charcoal. active. Various natural ingredients have even been used for a long time as a solution to natural oral and dental problems.

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