Photography News: Rumored Canon 500mm Zoom, Nikon + Canon Digicam Sales

Want to cover some pictures you’ve taken with your iPhone from prying eyes? The DJI Mini 2 SE with a remote management and the capability to report 2K movies at 30 frames per second is available from Best Buy at $300 after a $40 discount. At the end of his house station mission, Andreas Mogensen has taken trip of his science work to snap some hanging photographs of a snow-covered Grand Canyon. Whether you need to scale an image up or down, or change the side ratio, our information covers the way to resize pictures for Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS.

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If I ever cannot retain this discussion board for any cause, I promise to work with other neighborhood members to completely migrate and transition the forum, so that a DPR-like state of affairs doesn’t occur once more. Any private information would obviously be scraped before any transition, as we take your private data very significantly. Today I am very excited to announce a project that I have been engaged on for the past few weeks, which will be one of the new pillars of Photography Life. Yes, the timing of this announcement just isn’t a coincidence – I know that many other boards have been popping up recently in response to DPReview’s sudden closure.