Practical Bathroom Care Tips from Trusted Plumbers

We spend a lot of time in our bathroom. This is where we groom ourselves and do our business. However, this is part of our homes that most people do not keep tidy. We do not need a flawless bathtub or a sink that is spick and span – what we require is a bathroom free of molds, scum, mildew, rust, and clogs. Here are some helpful guidelines from trusted plumbing services Newcastle and contractors:

Bathroom Care Tips to Follow

  • Avoid flushing down diapers, tampons, and sanitary napkins.
  • Add a strainer on your sink to be able to catch hair and other objects that may clog your drains.
  • Clean your bathroom at least once a week. Do not let mold and mildew build-up on your grout, sink, and bathtub.
  • Steer clear of chemical drain cleaners as they may corrode your pipes. Instead, use baking soda and vinegar. If you have the time, wipe shower walls before leaving the bath area to be able to dry out any standing water. This prevents the accumulation of mold and mildew.
  • Sweep the floor before mopping. This eliminates dust buildup.
  • You may use some toilet bowl cleaner to wash the shower walls and your bath tub.
  • For best results, allow the cleansing solution to sit for at least fifteen minutes before rinsing.
  • Scrub your bath tiles with a brush, then rinse.
  • If you have rust stains, get a solution designed to eliminate these types of discoloration.
  • Add water to your cleaning solution especially if they have harsh chemicals before applying these on your tiles. Doing so will lessen the toxic smell in your area.
  • Check and replace your showerheads every 6 months especially when there is sediment buildup.
  • Clean your shower curtain as well because this is susceptible to mildew. In a spray bottle, combine two-thirds cup water and one-third cup of bleach. This will serve as a practical and convenient way to eliminate the mildew.
  • Wipe mirrors with a suitable solution using a squeegee or a chamois.
  • To add luster and coverage, you may also use car wax on your tiles annually.

Do these tips to keep your bathroom clean and clog-free. However, if you are faced with a bigger dilemma like a leak that doesn’t want to stop, do not hesitate to call a reputable plumbing professional like DWH Plumbing to solve the problem in an efficient and timely manner.