Shoreline Erosion Control – How to Protect Shoreline of Lakes and Ponds

Have you ever wondered whether or not your shoreline is suffering from erosion? Well, most likely it is. Shoreline erosion is very common, and it is a natural occurrence that may occur due to harsh weather conditions, human recreation, poor landscape, or pond design. Sometimes it is just due to the natural aging freshwater ecosystem.

As a water of body ages, erosion starts, leading to the formation of large trenches, gullies, and hazardous banks. When shoreline erosion isn’t taken care of, the lake, stormwater pond or stream can have native vegetation and habitat loss, too much runoff, and other complications that maximize the rate of waterbody loss in depth and volume. Furthermore, shoreline and bank erosion is not aesthetically pleasing for pond owners, golf courses, municipalities, and other properties within the community that have water bodies.

For many properties, the most effective solution for erosion problems would be adding a mesh barrier, but some properties will require a different unique approach. Now available are biodegradable logs that are made of natural coconut fibers that provide a lot of the same benefits, giving you two to five years of shoreline erosion prevention.

These coconut fiber logs are a fantastic solution for erosion control issues in areas with waves or moving water due to the way it redirects the flow of water, their compact size, and dense heavy core. It can also be used to help promote the growth of deep-rooted native plants by installing them alongside the shoreline.

No matter what kind of erosion control problem you are having, it’s very important to grow beneficial aquatic vegetation buffers around your waterbody. These buffers are easy to maintain, and they help keep sediment from draining into the water during heavy rainstorms. They may also provide a ton of benefits beyond bank erosion control, like aesthetic improvement and the filtration of nutrients. 

Washed out shorelines can lower property values and risk the incompliance with stormwater regulations. In addition, erosion is often a sign that your waterbody is approaching the end of its lifecycle. Even if you are trying to solve an existing erosion problem or reinforce the strength and appearance of your pond shoreline, lake, or stream ecosystem, it’s crucial to be ahead of the game when it comes to these sedimentation problems. The perfect strategy is to use a buffer strategy and eco-friendly shoreline erosion control.