So that the Smartwatch is not easily damaged


Who doesn’t want his gadget to last a long time and not be easily damaged. It feels like everyone wants that, right? No exception to smart watch users (smartwatch), which have different characteristics from watches in general.

Despite having an almost similar design, the fact is that smartwatches have other functions. Not only as a reminder of time, but also for communicating, listening to music and online on social media. You can do all of this without the need to hold a smartphone.

However, behind that, gadgets are still gadgets. No matter how good and expensive it is, it still has a period of use. Moreover, if you use it sloppy. The risk of breaking or abrasion can occur sooner than imagined.

To keep it more durable, of course, we need special and good ways to use and care. How to? Check out the following tips,

Put it in the right place

When you’re not using it, it’s best to put the smartwatch in a safe place. For example in a deposit box, watch box, or other special box. Avoid storing in a room that has a low or too high temperature, because it can damage the smartwatch body coating.

Clean with a cleaner

Ideally, before you go to sleep, clean the smartwatch first, so that when you use it tomorrow it is clean and shiny. Apart from adding to the exclusive impression, this method also prevents blisters on the smartwatch. Use a cleaner with a soft lint cloth, so that it is more optimal and reaches even the narrowest gaps.

Pay attention to how to use

In addition, avoid using a smartwatch while exercising or doing other strenuous activities. Why? Due to the risk of shocks, sun exposure or collisions which can result in mechanical damage. Plus, excessive sweating can damage the strap lining on the smartwatch.

Avoid direct contact with water

Generally, smartwatches use aluminum, stainless steel and rubber materials, which are less friendly to water. Even if the smartwatch you have is equipped with splash proof technology, you should still avoid contact with water as much as possible. Why? Because it can cause corrosion to the body layer.

Those are some tips for caring for a smartwatch so that it is more durable and long lasting.

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