Stories are the most important Instagram tool

Friends, when Instagram was just being born, we could not even imagine how much it would step forward. Remember how everyone posted their photos and used this site exclusively for photos and videos for friends? Of course, even now some users are not so active and use Instagram as a personal photo album with memorable moments. As far as current trends are concerned, there have been many changes.

Initially, only a feed with photos and videos appeared on the platform. It would seem, what else is needed for full-fledged communication on the site? And here! The developers thought of a very cool thing and created an additional story feed. Do you know how many more effective tools are there for Instagram today? Check out and find out all the latest about social media promotion.

So, back to the stories. Today it is the number one tool if you want to be number one with your subscribers. By the way, correct and competent content management in Stories works wonders!

How to use stories to your advantage?

First, publish stories. People really love fresh content. As a rule, processed, glossy and not so vivid photos are posted in the tape. And in the story, we see everything that happens literally before our eyes.

Thirdly, in order for the coverage to be as high as possible, your story circle should always be lit. That is, it is impossible to allow a situation that your account does not have publications in the Stories section. Photos or videos are kept in the account for 24 hours. Therefore, keep an eye on the time to delight your subscribers with relevant content.

Fourthly, Stories are a huge source of varying numbers of game mechanics. Here you can engage subscribers by all 1000{596e41b79f142b0a875b6e6ebf7eaa2ba25f1687d558c83cbe329189d50e9337}. Tests, games, quizzes, puzzles – everything that your imagination is capable of. First of all, all these techniques increase audience loyalty. They show that you are not only interested in selling a product, but that you also care about your followers.

How else can you promote your story?

Here it is worth remembering targeted advertising. Be sure to connect your account to the Facebook page and create a business account. You will be able to create ad creatives and run them in ads to your target audience. Trust me, this is a very powerful tool in good hands. Correctly configured ads will get you, active subscribers, at a low cost.

To do this, you just need to carefully analyze your competitors, target audience, and set the correct parameters for advertisements.

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