Running is one sport that can help prevent senility. Running is effective because it can help stimulate the brain because there is activity in the hands and feet. This exercise is also effective for refreshing the brain from saturation when it is rarely active.

In addition, running can also improve blood circulation in the head. Running can help the body’s stamina so that it becomes fit again. For the elderly, it is better if the portion when running is differentiated when young. You can start jogging in the neighborhood in the morning. Don’t be too hard when running because it can actually injure the body.

Brain exercise

Brain exercise is perfect for preventing senility. Elderly people can start with a game of chess. By playing chess, the brain will be forced to record game patterns and think of strategies to beat opponents.

By playing chess, you can hone and maximize brain function, thereby preventing senility. Apart from chess, memory games, such as crossword puzzles, case study games are also great for preventing senility.

These games make you think and use logic to solve problems, so they are very good for sharpening your brainpower.


In addition, a sport that helps prevent senility is badminton. This sport can help the elderly to train their arm and leg strength reflexes when pedaling a racket. This game pattern also helps prevent senility as there are rules to keep in mind while playing.

Oh yes, don’t forget to limit movement when playing badminton for the elderly. Those who are older are advised not to jump high when making a smash. Do badminton slowly so that your body can stay in shape without sprain.


Mild exercise that is good for the body is cycling. Cycling is a type of sport that is light and simple. Cycling does not put excessive weight on the joints.

There are also many benefits that can be obtained from cycling such as relieving stress, strengthening muscles, increasing body balance and heart rate. In addition, this exercise can boost blood circulation which helps overcome blood clots in the brain that can lead to senility.


Golf is a sport that both young and old alike enjoy. This sport is very suitable for the elderly because the activities carried out are very simple.

The act of swinging the club while hitting a golf ball makes your joints work through a variety of motions. Meanwhile, walking from hole to hole in the field will improve heart health. Then focusing on each hit will sharpen your brain more, which will reduce the risk of senility.

Sport is well done both young and old. However, you should remember your limits so you don’t push yourself too much when exercising. Don’t push yourself too much and enjoy the game so that you can exercise fun and your body can stay fresh.

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