4 Popular Tourist Destinations in Thailand

Who does not know Thailand? Thailand is a significant destination for tourists around the world. This country has many historical and natural attractions that are scattered in various regions.

Here are four tours in Thailand that you should visit.

The Grand Palace

For those who love historical tourism, this destination is certainly one of the must-visit. The Grand Palace is an old building located in Bangkok and has various ancient relics of Thailand.

This location consists of various parts, including temples, basements which contain a labyrinth of halls from the kingdom in the past, a variety of historical relics, and beautiful architecture. You will see the rich culture and also the glory of this country in the past. If you want to find a place to stay, Pullman G Hotel is one of the best 5 Star hotel Bangkok in this Region.

Wat Arun

One more historical destination that is a pity for you to miss while visiting Thailand is Wat Arun. This building is one of the oldest temples in Thailand. This temple is full of ancient and interesting architecture.

Wat Arun offers a beautiful view, especially during the night. This temple is close to The Grand Palace. If you want to visit this place from the Grand Palace, you only need to take a walk. Save time and money. You can enjoy these two tourist destinations at once.

Railay Beach

Railay Beach is one of the beautiful beaches, and you must visit in Thailand. Railay is an exotic beach equipped with clean white sand.

Not only that, in this place, you can also enjoy exciting and thrilling rock climbing. Worth a try, isn’t it?

Chatuchak Weekend Market

This tourist destination is perfect for those who want to buy souvenirs before end your vacation. This location is one of the cheapest shopping centers in Thailand. It’s a shame if you miss it. At Chatuchak Weekend Market, there are a variety of unique and exciting items sells at low prices, including various souvenirs. You can also bargain with merchants to get a lower price.