Best Australian Corporate Gifts for Clients

When you are taking a business trip overseas specifically in Australian, you may want to bring some gifts for colleagues and clients. But what is the best gift for them? A thank you card would not be the best idea after all especially if you have done a great job with the team.

So, if you intend to give gifts to clients or colleagues, you should read this article. We have a few ideas you can try or even buy one for your clients and colleagues. Even though there might be 100 types of gifts you can give to your colleagues or clients, here are our top 3.

  1. Gift Hamper
    Talking about gifts, giving the clients a proper hamper filled with Australian-made stuff would be appropriate and very corporate. On the other hand, everybody loves food so you will never go wrong with this gift. 
    Hampers are pretty personal but you will never go too personal with these. Australian hampers are ranging from AUD 50 to AUD 500. Commonly, it consists of gold-foiling d├ęcor inside and out, goodies made of Australian wrapped in luxury tissue paper, and hand illustrations of leaves.  Also, there is a stylish box with Australian flora and fauna in it. The gift will impress your clients instantly.
  2. Aboriginal Sets
    Another idea of gifts for your clients are aboriginal sets. We all know that the aboriginal craft is one of the most popular things about Australia. And this is how you turn it into an impressive gift for your client. 
    Some companies make the sets so you can simply purchase one of them and send them to the clients. However, some companies also allow you to custom what inside the box. It can be a tea set, towels, blankets, dinnerware, and so on.  The aborigine patterns will make them look authentic and very Australian.
  3. Corporate Ties and Silk Scarves

One of Australian corporate gifts that you can bring back is corporate ties and silk scarves. There are many shops that can custom corporate ties and silk scarves according to you request. Will it not the best way to add the finishing touches to your office attires by using corporate ties or silk scarves? It will give a new look for your co-workers and unusual souvenirs. If you decide to use corporate ties and silk scarves as souvenir, make sure you choose a premium one so that your souvenirs are durable and looks good.

Now, you know which the best corporate gifts to give. Have fun hunting!