Latest Vespa prices December 2019

Who’s never heard of Vespa? The motorbike that usually present as an old school now comes with a modern version that is no less tempting. Intrigued by the price? See below.

Vespa is familiar to everyone. Yes, this Italian-made motorcycle is iconic from time to time. Its popularity has even begun to rise again in recent years. Seeing the number of people who are interested in Vespa, this motorbike is back in the UK with a modern version. This new Vespa is welcomed with society. It can be seen from the sprung up Vespa during 2019 in many cities in England.

Vespa 2019 comes with many variants, starting from the cheapest LX series to the most expensive in the UK. Indeed, Vespa keeps its tradition style by bringing a different design from the previous. This makes many people look for old school Vespa whether for daily ride or collection. Vespa market in the UK both old school Vespa and Vespa 2019 have guaranteed since the interest in it came again. This also proves that the Vespa is still consistent in the UK market and still loved by many dealers in the UK.

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Here are some Vespa variants that are ready to enliven the market in 2019

Vespa 2019 LX

Vespa LX is one of the famous Vespa models such as Vespa Sprint. The presence of the 2019 LX Vespa in the line in the UK certainly brings a breath of fresh air to people who love the Vespa LX. The Vespa LX also carries a 150cc engine which known as the standard for most Vespa motorcycles.

Vespa 2019 Primavera

This Vespa model is also a Vespa model that has a name like the old school version. Vespa 2019 Primavera comes with a retro-modern design that has its own charismatics aura. This Vespa still carrying a 150cc engine but now it is running as an automatic machine, to give enough energy for you to walk around the streets confidently.

Vespa 2019 GTS

This design might be similar to the Yamaha or Honda scooter. However, for your information, this design was already used by the old school, Vespa. So, you know who creates the design first, right?

Vespa 2019 GTS comes in 150cc and 300cc variants, which are arguably large enough for scooter size.

Those are some Vespa who enliven the market in early 2019, hopefully, this article is useful.